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Genuflect by Tracy R. Twyman: New Sun

 Can a perverted sex magic ritual, performed in an ancient temple in the heart of modern London, destroy the very foundations of both Heaven and Earth?

 London: March 2018. Pamela Auger has received an invitation to give a lecture at a prestigious private club regarding her arcane historical research into the mysteries of the Knights Templar. But as she is about to learn, when opportunity knocks, it is best to ask for ID before opening the door.

 TRIGGER WARNING: This book contains scenes of rape, torture, and murder of people, including children, that any sane person will find disturbing. Note: While several of the characters in this story have certain aspects based on known, powerful figures in the modern world, I make no claim that these people are involved in any nefarious deeds such as those depicted here, nor is it my intention to malign them. These characteristics were borrowed for artistic purposes only.


"asshole had illegally uploaded a PDF of my book"

Genuflect by Tracy R. Twyman: Red Diamond & Rosenberg Plaza

"I shook my head in an effort to snap myself back into reality. Then I dug into my phone and Google-image- searched until I found a website where some asshole had illegally uploaded a PDF of my book about Baphomet."

     Tracy R. Twyman, from Genuflect (Chapter 15)

Genuflect FAQ With Answers (v.2)

Genuflect by Tracy Twyman: Sacrum Bone

1. Your latest work deals with a number of wild ideas, including the notion that religious or occult rituals might have the power to open physical doors between the material universe and what lies beyond. How could this work, as you see it?

 Religious rituals of all sorts, whether practiced by mainstream religious or esoteric cults, often take place in a designated “sacred space,” whether it’s a church, a temple, a Masonic lodge, a circle of trees in the woods, or just a circle drawn on the ground. The area in which the working takes place is transported temporarily into the realm of the gods, Heaven, or Eden.

 For instance, the Inner Sanctum of Solomon’s Temple, where the Ark of the Covenant resided and only the priests were permitted, was thought of as being transmuted into Eden whenever the Lord manifested his presence there.

 In the Masonic fraternity, they do something called “raising the lodge” at the beginning of each ritual, and “lowering the lodge” at the end of each ritual. The purpose is to bring it to another “level” of reality, corresponding to the ranking of the people who are attending the ritual. In ceremonial magic, it is common for the magician to draw a magic circle around himself, and/or the place in which any spirit from beyond will be conjured—the idea being that the circles will keep the spirit imprisoned and the magician safe from supernatural harm. This is usually preceded by the magician “boxing the compass” of the ritual chamber by calling out the names of all the cardinal points and anointing them with holy water.

 Of course, this is usually seen by non-priests and non-magicians as being a symbolic, imaginary exercise. However, those who have done it know that it’s real. Furthermore, I believe that certain rituals are powerful enough to rupture the foundations of the earthly plane, opening a doorway to the underworld below, whilst simultaneously opening up the so-called “windows of Heaven” to reveal the world above.

 These would be real, physical openings in the Earth below and the skies above, visible to everyone, just like what is often depicted in Masonic and alchemical imagery. In Masonic pictures, the universe is a “temple” with “pillars” holding up the roof, and sacred “keystones” both in the floor and the ceiling, which can be removed at certain special times. In alchemy, there is an invisible mountain that only the elect can see the summit of, or find the caves admitting entrance to, except at certain times.

 2. So why would anyone want to open these doorways to the realms above and below the universe?

 There’s the obvious curiosity factor. People want to see what lies above and below the dimensions available to our everyday senses. But most of the magicians who would be capable of performing such a rite are probably motivated by ambition. Some magicians, I believe, have made alliances with the spirits trapped in the underworld, who have helped them discover the secrets of how to do this. These spirits desperately want to be released from their infernal prisons. In order to get the assistance from incarnated humans that they need to do this, they agree to help the magicians they work with to realize their ambitions of becoming gods by penetrating the realm above.

3. Is there any potential danger in doing this?

Absolutely. In addition to the problems inherent in the release of infernal spirits from Hell, there is the issue of instability in the universe caused by this. When the floor of existence is ruptured, it has the potential to collapse the invisible “pillar” or “pillars” that are said in religious and occult traditions to hold up the heavens. This has the effect of dethroning what the Gnostics called the “Archons,” or the seven planetary divinities of classical mythology. This means bringing the Sun, the Moon, and the planets crashing down to Earth from the heavens. In Greek mythology, it was said that if Atlas wasn’t there to hold up Heaven, it would merge with Earth and snuff out all of existence. This, I think, is the real danger.

4. How exactly would they open realms to both Heaven and Hell?

You mean they could actually do this with a ritual? Yes. I have decoded some of the clues about how this is done, which can be found in alchemical allegories, Masonic imagery, and in the cryptic secret rituals crafted by Aleister Crowley. Clues can also be found on artifacts attributed to the Knights Templar. This is, without a doubt, the darkest magic ever practiced. I believe that this portal-opening rite is part of the “Baptism of Wisdom,” after which the demonic spirit of Baphomet, the patron of the Knights Templar, was named. The Templars were practicing a heresy called “Ophite Gnosticism.” Or rather, more specifically, they had created their own syncretistic version it by combining it with several other marginal traditions—including alchemy, witchcraft, Jewish cabalism, and heretical Ismaili Islam. This is why occult writer Eliphas Levi said that the Templars’ secret religion was “the synthesis of all persecuted beliefs.”

5. So is Baphomet the name of a demonic spirit, or the name of a ritual?

 I think it was originally the name of a ritual to invoke the spirit of Metis, the Greek goddess of wisdom. I think the version of her that was venerated by the Knights Templar was synonymous with the earliest Eastern depictions of the goddess Cybele, worshipped in Persia, Anatolia, and throughout the Roman Empire. Metis was the goddess of “cunning wisdom” who was said to be the first wife of Zeus, and the one who had saved him from being eaten by his father Kronos. When she became pregnant by Zeus, he swallowed her, afraid that the child would usurp him.

 This led to the famous birth of Athena, their daughter, who after exiting her mother's womb, had to be released from within Zeus through a surgical incision in his head. However, Metis remained inside him, and was forced to work as his adviser. Although presumably she never got out of his body, she was sometimes shown upholding his throne from below, like Atlas holding up the heavens. This seems to be a metaphor for how her wise advice was necessary to the continuance of his rule.

 Nineteenth-century Orientalist Joseph von Hammer-Purgstall wrote an essay in Latin called Mysterium Baphometis Revelatum in which he analyzed a number of artifacts found on former Templar properties that he believed to be ritual items owned by the order. These included idols of a bearded figure resembling the goddess Cybele (who was originally a castrated hermaphrodite), as well as cups, bowls, coins and caskets, featuring images of this goddess, and images of ritual orgies. The name used for the goddess, which Hammer-Purgstall found encoded on many of the artifacts, was “Mete.” Along with these pictures, Hammer-Purgstall found, written in a combination of Greek and Arabic letters, variations on the phrase “the distinguished charity of Mete uproots the enemy.” Hammer-Purgstall said that the phrase “distinguished charity” was a coded reference to extreme sex rites involving children and animals, as depicted in the artifacts. “The enemy” was a reference to the planetary archons.

 What is meant by this exactly can be found on the artifacts themselves, two of which I discovered sitting in the back catalog of the British Museum, having been ignored by writers for over 200 years. They consist of two caskets, and on the lid of one of them, we see Mete, or Cybele, pulling down the Sun and Moon from the sky with a pair of chains.

 I have personally had Hammer-Purgstall’s Mysterium Baphometis Revelatum translated into English by a Latin expert for the first time, and this new non-fiction book will soon be available through my publishing company. I am working with the British Museum right now, and with a television production team, to find out more about the alleged Templar artifacts there.

6. I know that recently you’ve written a lot about the cult of Mithras. Do the mysteries of that religion have anything to do with opening portals to other realms, or pulling down the planets from the sky?

Yes, very much so. Aleister Crowley said that the name Baphomet should be interpreted as “Father Mithras,” and indeed, Mithras is like the male flip-side of the feminine Mete or Cybele (the castrated hermaphrodite). What we know about Mithraism is, like anything ancient, based upon the artifacts and writings that have been discovered. From this, historians have made interpretations. I have my own interpretation, based on the documented evidence as well as careful consideration of the prevailing scholarly theories.

 In the Roman Cult of Mithras, the god is depicted being “born from a rock” that had been inseminated with “lightning.” He is said to have cut his way out, emerging into our world with a knife in one hand and a torch in the other. From there, he is depicted conquering all of the realms of the planetary gods. A document called “the Mithras Liturgy”—which is most likely medieval, not ancient, but nonetheless revealing—tells how Mithras then broke through to the realm beyond the sky to the “Hyperuranian Sun” (as Greek philosophers called it): the source of the “lightning” that spawned him.

 Mithras is acknowledged to be the same as Saturn or Chronos, said to be the son of Terra or Gaia (Earth) and Uranus or Ouranos (Heaven). These primary parents were originally one being, pregnant with babies who had no way of getting out. This is the “rock” that bore Mithras. Saturn had to cut his way out of the womb, releasing his siblings, the monstrous Titans, and castrating his father in the process.

 This is the original creative act that separated the plane of Earth, on which all material action through time takes place, from the firmament of the fixed stars above, and what, if anything, lies beyond. It was said that if Heaven and Earth ever came together again, existence would be snuffed out. This is why, after Chronos and the Titans were overthrown by the Olympians and locked in Tartarus (said to be the “womb of Gaia”), Atlas was forced to hold up the sky—to keep this from happening. Between Earth and the stars were the realms of the seven planetary gods, whom Mithras is depicted as defeating.

7. So what does Mithras have to do with “Mete” or Cybele then?

While many modern scholars think that the cults of Cybele and Mithras, both imported into the Roman Empire from Persia, were unrelated, scholars in the past thought differently, and I agree. Mithras was born from a rock, but Cybele WAS a rock. Also, she was originally hermaphroditic, but she was castrated and then kicked out of Olympus by the rest of the gods. She then had a son, whom she fell in love with. But she castrated him in anger when she found that he loved another woman, and let him bleed to death. Afterwards, she felt bad about this, and used magic to resurrect him. This would explain why she was depicted on the alleged Templar casket I found in the British Museum as having a beard but no male organs, and instead is shown with what I believe to be the wounds of castration in that particular area. The priestesses of Cybele were born male, but castrated themselves during their initiation rites, and were thereafter referred to as female.

 Both the cult of Mithras and the cult of Cybele were associated with bull sacrifices. Modern scholars usually claim that Mithras temples were too small to perform an actual bull sacrifice. But behind every altar was an image of the “taurtoctony”: Mithras slaying the bull. Their temples were often very close to one another in the ancient world, and in one case, in Ostia, Italy, they were connected with a common door. Scholar Franz Cumont reported that members of the same family were often members of both cults, and that the priestesses of Cybele may have been contracted by the Mithraists to perform their sacrifices for them, something not uncommon among other cults at the time.

8. You mentioned alchemy before. Does that have anything to do with opening portals to other realms, or destroying the universe?

Yes. Alchemy is magical chemistry based on the hidden secrets of God’s creation, as passed down in secret mystery schools throughout the generations. If the symbols in the cryptic texts and pictures are understood correctly by the adept, they teach how to create a universe just like God created ours. They also teach how to escape to this new universe, and in the process destroy the one you came from.

 Many alchemical texts and images cryptically depict the Sun, Moon, and classical planets (or the gods associated with them) being drawn down from the sky, sacrificed, chopped up, and drained of their essences. These are then processed to create a new Sun and Moon. These then mate to spawn a new set of planets (and thus, a new aeon—that is, a new age that is also an entirely new universe). Allegorical depictions of this can be found in The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz, a classic alchemical story, as well as the modern art film The Holy Mountain by Alejandro Jodorowsky, which is based upon it. Other classic alchemical texts such as Splendor Solis and The Book of Abraham the Jew depict the same thing.

9. So when you talk about “creating a universe,” is that similar to the idea of a simulated reality, like in the film series The Matrix?

Yes, when Mithras emerged from “the Rock,” I think that’s a metaphor for a simulated reality. It could even literally be a rock, since a cut crystal can have very complex information encoded into its facets. Mithras came from one simulated reality, broke out of there into another, conquered its gods, and then burst through the “ceiling” of that universe to emerge into a higher one—or perhaps, rather, he created another one. A writer named “Pseudo-Plutarch” wrote that Mithras (whose cult members were all male) detested females so much that when the time came for him to have a son of his own, he chose to mate with a rock instead. This bore him a son named “Di-Orphos,” clearly connected to the myth of the “Orphic Egg,” the origin of our universe according to the ancient Greek “Orphic Mystery Schools.”

 10. So is there anything happening now that caused you to write about the cult of Mithras in modern times?

Yes. Last summer, when I decided to write a novel taking place in London, I remembered seeing the Temple of Mithras in London in 2005, sitting recessed in in the sidewalk, badly restored, between two office buildings. It had been originally discovered in the 1950s, but had been moved to another place down the street to make room for a new office building. When I looked up the location, with the intent of making a passing reference to it in my novel, I found that the Temple of Mithras had just recently been moved back to its original location, fully restored.

 The temple now forms part of the basement of the main building of the Bloomberg corporation’s new London headquarters. It’s right next to the Bank of England, and to the historic Rothschild building that has been their corporate and family headquarters in London for two centuries. It’s also right next to the traditional display site for the London Stone, an artifact believed to have been the marker for the center of the old Roman city of Londinium. The borders of that ancient town now mark the boundary of the City of London, greater London’s financial district. Bloomberg London is set to open some time this year, or perhaps in 2018, depending on which representative you speak to.

 Thus I decided to make the Temple of Mithras and the roof of the Rothschild building the locations of the most pivotal ritual scenes in my story. I feel that London is a sensible place for the birth of a new universe to happen from. This is what poet William Blake was alluding to when he wrote that London was actually “Jerusalem.” Blake described the creation of the world having radiated from the London Stone outward, just as the “Foundation Stone” beneath Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem is traditionally thought of as the cornerstone of God’s creation. But Britain was also said by Plutarch to contain an entrance to the cell of Saturn in Tartarus, where he sleeps awaiting resurrection in a new Golden Age. I think this entrance to the underworld may contain the egg of a new creation, and it may be located right there underneath the Temple of Mithras in Britain.

 The villain of my story, Blake Rosenberg, is based partially on Michael Bloomberg, who seems to have taken on this Mithras Temple project as part of a personal obsession. The first name comes from William Blake, of course. Interestingly, there is a mysterious object called “the Vortex” that will be in the ceiling of the first floor of Bloomberg’s new building, and which representatives have refused to describe to journalists, preferring to keep it a surprise. I utilized this for my story, where my villain’s corporate office also has a similar feature with the same name, but I’ve allowed by imagination to run wild with the possibilities of what it could be. In William Blake’s Jerusalem, the poet refers to “Albion,” a name for Britain and for the god Saturn, as “the Vortex of the Dead.”

11. Do you think that Michael Bloomberg is actually trying to use the Temple of Mithras for a ritual in an attempt to break out of our universe and start a new one, like the villain in your novel?

I really have no way of knowing for sure. However, while I was writing my novel, on October 13, 2016, the anniversary of the arrest of the Knights Templar on charges of heresy, The Atlantic Monthly published an article in which it alleged that there was a group of “tech billionaires” who are convinced we are living in a simulation and are secretly funding projects to find a way out of it. The article was called Tech Billionaires Want to Destroy the Universe. Specifically, it said that, according to venture capitalist Sam Altman, two of them were secretly funding such projects, and says that Elon Musk is a “prime suspect.” This is obvious, as Musk has publicly stated that he thinks the odds our reality is a simulation as 1 billion to one in favor of it.

 I think Bloomberg is quite likely to be the other. He is already putting tons of money into developing “augmented reality” for the workplace, in which you will have to stand at a table with VR goggles strapped to your head, manipulating imaginary papers with your hands that are projected onto your field of vision holographically by your headset, rather than merely sitting at a desk pushing paper. Also, his new headquarters in London is supposed to be “the smartest building in Europe.” It manufactures its own energy, both through solar panels embedded in the windows, and spies on the employees constantly through something called a “digital ceiling” that keeps track of all your activity patterns and preferences, ostensibly for the purposes of energy efficiency. It senses when you're having an emergency of any kind, and it can also be programmed to response to non-verbal signals such as hand gestures.

 Workers are in constant communication with the AI running the building through their smartphones. Phone alerts tell you when meetings come up, open the parking garage when it senses your car approaching, and suggests a workspace for you each day. You are forbidden to sit in the same place more than three days in a row, as nobody is allowed to have their own office or desk. The building is cleaned and monitored throughout by robot janitors and security guards. It is meant to be at the heart of a “smart city” being built right into modern London right now, growing into a multi-headed hydra as each building is replaced with a “smart building.” These will then all be networked together to share energy and information, something that Bloomberg is salivating after.

 Musk is openly obsessed with getting out of this simulated world, with space rockets, or whatever it takes. Bloomberg, meanwhile, is at least equally obsessed with turning what seems like the real world around us into a computer simulation. Together they could do what the villain Rosenberg in my novel Genuflect aims to: “fold up” our universe, thus destroying it as it was, and then making it into the “foundation” for a new one, to be created through alchemy in the realms above and ruled over by Rosenberg as the new omnipotent god.

 The Atlantic Monthly article compares the worldview of the billionaires trying to escape The Matrix to that of the Gnostics, specifically the Ophite brand, precisely what Hammer-Purgstall said the Templars were practicing. Its author, Sam Kriss, also overtly referred to them as “Satanists” and “the Luciferian… techno-Gnostics of San Francisco,” without even noting the nearby long-standing presence of the Church of Satan in that very city, or the even older presence of the notorious California lodges of Aleister Crowley’s Order of Oriental Templars. (The Pasadena lodge, for instance, brought us rocket scientist Jack Parsons of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, who believed he could create a portal to Hell that would destroy the universe, and wanted to.)

 Kriss opines in the article that the actions of these billionaires, should they be successful, would result in the destruction of the universe for anyone left behind, which is what I think also. He also warns that there might not be any outside reality to escape into. As the author states, these men “are convinced that they’ll emerge out of this drab illusion into a more shining reality, lit by a brighter and more beautiful star.”

 Actually, that’s exactly what is prophesied to happen when the Sun is reborn (that is, recreated) in The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz: the Sun getting brighter, by a factor of seven. This is also what many people feel they have observed happening to the Sun over the last few years. I have seen it too, and noted that the Sun appears whiter than it used to. Does this mean that our souls have been slipped into a simulated version of our world, and somewhat recently? Or is this perhaps just the latest version of the simulation, proceeded by many others, such as those remembered as the reign of the Atlantean empire, the Greek Golden Age of Chronos (Saturn), and the Hebrew Garden of Eden?

 I have no way of knowing for sure, but I think it’s an amazing coincidence that the Fool card in the common, classic Rider-Waite tarot deck shows the figure blindly stepping off of a cliff with a giant white Sun blazing behind him. All of the other depictions of the Sun on other cards in the deck (and there are several) are colored yellow, just as I and many others remember the Sun being most of the time up until a couple of years ago. Have we, like the Fool, blindly walked into an alternate reality, a trap laid for us, ignorant that even the source of our light in this world, what gives us our ability to see reality, has fundamentally changed?


12. Did you get any of these ideas from the Ouija board?

No, I specifically avoided the Ouija board, and also almost all other media, for about 9 months while I wrote my most recent book, Genuflect, my first novel, which is how most of this ended up coming to me. I didn’t want to be influenced by anything but my inspiration, and specific facts that I looked for. However, I did contact Mithras on the board after I was done, to ask if the plot that I had composed was based on reality. I was told that Bloomberg is indeed a magician, and that he is using the Temple of Mithras to do something that will make a hole in the roof of our universe, allowing him to escape. He said that Bloomberg will use a kind of magical “fire” to do this.

I believe this refers to the utilization of light refraction through a specially-cut gemstone. In the diamond industry, “fire” is the name for the rainbow colors of refracted light that shoot up through the crown of a properly cut stone when a light beam is shined directly upon it at the proper angle. I have found this exact angle encoded in the geometry of Michael Bloomberg’s building complex in London. Mithras also mentioned the city of Ghent in Belgium. Belgium just so happens to be the center of the world diamond trade.

I have theorized, both in the novel, and in non-fiction articles and videos I’ve produced, that we may be inside of an enclosed world in which the lights that appear in the sky, including the Sun, may be acting the part of a deck prism on an old ship: filtering and amplifying light coming in from beyond the enclosure. This would be the light of the “hyperuranian” Sun: the real source of the light that we see but a part of during the day. This, then, would match up with the idea of the “keystone” in the arch of the sky shown in Masonic imagery, which can be removed at times to reveal the light of a larger Sun shown sitting atop the arch.

 I asked Mithras if he knew what was beyond the fixed stars of the sky visible from Earth, and he said he did not. I asked if he had ever tried to figure this out, which he affirmed, and when I asked how this attempt had gone, the planchette shot up through the top of the board (which, in our design, resembles the roof of a theater), then circled around to emerge from the bottom (which on our board is decorated with wavy lines meant to represent the waters of the Abyss). I took this as an indication that perhaps the myths of him “emerging from the rock” at his birth and then later “penetrating the sky” after defeating the planetary Archons were both part of the same scene. In other words, when he attempted to escape the universe through the top, he just ended up emerging again through the bottom.

 So perhaps even the characters that our ancestors remember as the highest gods have not yet found a way to escape from “the Matrix,” though their myths may misleadingly tell us otherwise. Christian Gnostics believed that Jesus had been sent from beyond the enclosure to save us from our prison of illusion. But Mithras told me that Jesus is now the Sun itself. He said that when Christ ascended to Heaven, he became crucified in the sky, and is suffering there now. This caused me to think of the Catholic symbol of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, where the wounded heart in his chest is shown shedding light instead of blood. Months later, I re-read St. John the Divine’s Revelation, and realized that the deity who sits on the throne of God himself in the New Jerusalem is described quite literally as a shining crystal. Revelation 4:1 states:

After this I looked, and, behold, a door was opened in heaven: and the first voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me; which said, Come up hither, and I will shew thee things which must be hereafter. And immediately I was in the spirit: and, behold, a throne was set in heaven, and one sat on the throne. And he that sat was to look upon like a jasper and a sardine stone: and there was a rainbow round about the throne, in sight like unto an emerald.

 Mithras had told me that Michael Bloomberg was getting his information about how to do his alchemy from the “Eben Hod,” which he also called “the Rock of God.” I don’t know how seriously to take these recent Ouija revelations, but the more I re-read the Bible, the more sense it all makes. Revelation does describe all of reality being subsumed into a giant box (the cubic city of the New Jerusalem), while everything on the outside of it becomes a Lake of Fire. In other words, we go into a new game, and the old one is destroyed. 

Genuflect by Tracy Twyman
Twyman, Tracy R.
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Genuflect 2.0

Genuflect FAQ With Answers
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  Yes, you could use a dead body,” I answered. “Or just parts of one. Or you could stitch together parts of a dead body and animate then, like Dr. Frankenstein’s monster.

          From Genuflect Chapter 17

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    Genuflect 2.0 is a collection of essays and articles pertaining Tracy R. Twyman novel Genuflect written by the author.

    Adding more external details unto the meaning of her novel, Tracy published online a few articles and essays explaining the construct and other concepts that are in her novel Genuflect, and specifying the locations of where the novel takes place in details in London.

    Seeing the popularity of her only published fiction novel, Genuflect, and the prevalence of the search terms specifically for Genuflect FAQ With Answers essay, this publication was compiled from the rare articles and essays, restoring with the text the images that Tracy Twyman included in delineating her ideas visually, adding more from Tracy cache of images regarding the subject.

     As perhaps herself being the reincarnate of Mary Shelley, and her Genuflect, being the reincarnate of the Modern Prometheus or Frankenstein's Monster, Tracy Twyman’s Genuflect, remains the most sought after book from her collection of literature (besides her very early Dagobert’s Revenge Magazine articles).

     In this 2nd edition publication, a couple of articles were added, including other essays that were referenced in her articles. Also included The Stars in Freemasonry essay that Tracy referenced, thus to have a closer look into Tracy’s Masonic references and sources. Tracy Twyman was a Mason in her thoughts and heart, and so the teleology of her work.

     Also, we expanded the images and pictures that are included, by enhancing each image for a better viewing experience, by increasing the size, and replacing some with higher definition images thus to sustain the intense flow of Tracy’s concepts and words in this publication.

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• Genuflect FAQ With Answers
• Bloomberg, Musk, and Mithras: Billionaires busting the Matrix
• Rebirth of Metis: The Meaning of “Dear Prudence”
• Templars, Cybele, Mithras, alchemy, William Blake, Michael Bloomberg, and the City of London
• The Conquering of the Sun rite: Birth of a New Aeon
• The meaning of “taking a knee”: Hiram Abiff & Sept 23
• Black Lives Matter, Freemasons, and the Widow’s Son
• Surrealism and Sinister Cults
• Rothschild Shield and the Superman Diamond
• Tammuz, Isis and the River Thames (excerpt from Genuflect)
• The London Stone and the Sword of Excalibur
• Royal Arch (part 2)
• The Stars In Freemasonry

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Genuflect 2.0: Genuflect FAQ with Answers & Other Articles
Twyman, Tracy R.


Genuflect by Tracy R. Twyman: Empyrean & Beyond: S A T O R

     This was the most disturbing book I have ever read, but I could not stop reading it. Is this what alchemy and secret societies are all about? Even though this story seems unique, it makes me wonder if this it what Tracy Twyman's research has led her to believe could be part of this reality. The first book by Tracy Twyman that I read is Money Grows on the Tree of Knowledge. In this non-fiction book Tracy reveals connections to the present banking system linked to the Knight's Templar. She finds evidence that the Knight's Templar was a cult of homosexual men that worship a severed head (believed to have been the head of John the Baptist) possessed by Baphomet. There are also strange connections to the planets and alchemy that I fully do not understand. I also read part of Clock Shavings. Clock Shavings is a memoir detailing Tracy's experience with the Ouija board which I could not finish it because it was really creeping me out. I hope this does not come off as a negative review. I feel as though Tracy is a one of kind writer that is proactively trying to better understand what the hell is going on in present society by piecing together what she can find in her research. It will not be an easy read but it will give the reader some insight into present occult theories backed by an incredible researcher.

     I have been a fan of the author since reading her work with DeVere many years ago. In this present book, the protagonist describes her writing as "DaVinci code type stuff", which is how the masses may see it, but fans of the author know this is quite an understatement. As with her non-fiction works, the scholarship and detailed analysis goes way beyond anything Dan Brown is capable of, and goes a lot further towards the truth. If you have an interest in the intersection between esoteric religious history and the bizarre obsessions of the worlds financial and political elite, I think you will find many breadcrumbs in this book that can help you go deeper and research the truths behind the fiction. I know this has been the case with me. I would compare this work with that of authors like Robert Anton Wilson and Frank Herbert, to the extent that it combines both arcane historical information with a suspenseful and entertaining narrative. I read this book cover to cover with minimal interruptions. I recommend this book, and also the collateral information on the author's webpage and YouTube as well. As obscure as the topics at hand may seem, my belief is that only by a widespread consideration of these topics can the bizarre reality of global elite power circles be understood, exposed, and finally supplanted with something more humane.
Amazon Customer

     Kudos to Tracy T! The novel Genuflect is seen through the eyes of occult researcher and protagonist Pamela Auger (Eye auf Deutch). In the City of London Ms. Auger is obliged under duress to participate as seer in Satanic rituals. The darkest, most vile black magic practices she witnesses are meant to destroy the universe. The rites are perverse, and violently abusive. Fast paced, brilliantly written, this book is not for those easily frightened. As customer reviewer Pulp meets Mete says, "Don't underestimate the horror...Not for the faint of heart or the squeamish."Esoteric topics within the story line include: Horse of Helios, Baphomet, Sacrifice of the Celestial Bull, Cybele, Cybele's Stone, Mithras, Sator Square, Prima Materia, Chronos/Saturn, The Black Sun, The New Jerusalem, Albion, The Pillars of Heaven, Planetary Archons, the New Aeon, and more. Genuflect will appeal to occultists, alchemists, theurgists, ancient historians, and those who read horror fiction.
Margaret de Wys

     This was a fascinating read. Knowing that it was a fictional tale to spin all the different avenues of her research together made it a page turner and intriguing. I kept wanting to know what might happen next and pondering over which bits were completely made up or based on her research.
     Some of the detailed descriptions of the rituals of debauched sex, murder and demonology made a churning pit in my stomach. It was also the style of writing without fanciful prose or superfluous language common to a lot of fiction writers that kept me wanting to know more.
     It also gave me a few aha… moments when it joined the dots on a few of the things I was researching.There's a ton of information in here, which is easier to read than a solid fact based dry as sawdust research book.
     If you are at all interested in any of Tracy’s work and/or Archons, Saturn Theory, EU, Greek & Roman mythology, Magic rituals, Freemasons, British Royals. Then give this a whirl. 
N. Ramsbottom

Mary Shelley at Nineteen, wife of poet Percy Bysshe Shelley
Tracy Twyman tour Magdala Rennes le Chateau

Mary Shelley at Nineteen

Tracy R. Twyman at Rennes-le-Château at Twenty One

Mary Shelley at Nineteen, wife of poet Percy Bysshe Shelley


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وَمِنَ الْأَعْرَابِ مَن يَتَّخِذُ مَا يُنفِقُ مَغْرَمًا وَيَتَرَبَّصُ بِكُمُ الدَّوَائِرَ عَلَيْهِمْ دَائِرَةُ السَّوْءِ وَاللَّهُ سَمِيعٌ عَلِيمٌ ‎﴿التوبة: ٩٨﴾‏

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